Firebreak Capital is a dedicated private debt hedge fund led by Rob Allard and Jonathan Egol, both former managing directors at Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Rob was Head of Structured Product Origination and Distribution and Jonathan was Head of the Mortgage CDO, Correlation and Derivatives trading business, in addition to sitting on the GS Bank Risk and Counterparty Credit Risk Committees.

Firebreak’s experienced institutional investment and sourcing teams seek to take advantage of the revolution in financial services, which has been wrought by increased regulatory oversight and capital requirements.

Firebreak aims to be an alternative balance sheet in the illiquid lending and investment sector, leveraging the emerging disruptive trends in consumer and commercial direct lending as well as providing private credit, asset backed and structured finance solutions predominantly across the US, UK and Europe. Firebreak will prospectively add cutting-edge technology that delivers insight and an efficient approach to its private debt strategy.